Where have i been? about me (updated)

A bit about me.

This is just a little intro, sort of a little bio about me and what I hope to do with this blog over the coming weeks/months/years.

I am an Artist who draws and paints portraits including wildlife and pets. I have also recently taken up drawing people and other subjects. I love to draw portraits because I love to capture the soul of my subject that I am drawing or painting this is evident especially in the eyes.

When I was younger I attended college in Harrogate where I studied Art and design. Afterwards I completed a National Diploma in Fashion in clothing At the end of the course I designed and made clothes and modeled them on a catwalk fashion show at the college.

I am pleased with the amount of drawing that I have been able to do recently. I’m quite proud of my recent work and decided there would be no better time than now to get back into blogging and share my work here. I have completed some pet portraits and wildlife drawings and have also done some portraits of people for family and friends as I’m not confident enough just yet to offer these for sale until I’ve practiced it a little more.

I recently completed a challenge doing a drawing day for 30 days in graphite pencil last April 2015. I was amazed with myself that I managed to complete them all.


When it comes to drawing I am mainly self taught and I’ve spent a lot of years practicing to get to the stage that I am at now. I suffer with various mental health disabilities, including autism and also suffer regularly from seizures. I try not to let these stop me from trying to pursue a career doing what I love. Drawing is very therapeutic for me.

In January i Started a new personal challenge and a YouTube channel i will make a blog post about it soon

If you have read this, thank you for taking the time-out to get know me a little bit. Hopefully you will come back and look at my further blog posts where I will posting some of my work!

Lesley Clarke x

14/April 2016


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