Jan-Apr, what have I been up to?

In October 2015 I started a YouTube channel. At first I started doing silent speed drawings until I got more confident. I then did a few subscription unboxing videos. I recently started talking on my videos. I love to draw animals, botanical illustrations like flowers and occasionally some fan art (I recently did a drawing of Sadness from Inside Out as she is one of my favourite characters).

My YouTube channel is partnered with the network called the Frederator Network and I also joined a monthly collaboration project who operate through YouTube and Facebook. Each month they set a challenge/theme/hashtag and it is up to each individual person within that group who wants to do the challenge to produce a piece of artwork which then gets added to the playlist in the group.

On January 1st I started a new challenge which would encompass the whole year, I decided to do 366 drawings, one for each day of the year considering that 2016 is a leap year. So far it’s been going well and I am yet to miss a day having done 105 drawings to date. I did a sketchbook tour for January, being creative everyday encourages us to keep going in so many different ways and makes us feel like we are accomplishing something even if its just art. I hope by doing a challenge like this encourages other people to follow me and try it for themselves, even if you only draw or doodle for ten to fifteen minutes just to keep those creative juices flowing.


As I mentioned above, I recently completed a video going through all the artwork I had completed in January. I have embedded the video below so you can a have a quick look if you want to. I hope to get a video for February done before this week is through. I will then hopefully be able to get one completed for March and then keep up to date as I complete each month.


Thank you for reading, Take Care,

From Lesley-anne Clarke


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