The January blues – Onwards and upwards!

I personally feel like I didn’t get a lot of work done last year. I had five commissions from various people whom were all very pleased with my work. The only problem I feel I have is that I don’t have a great deal of work to show people as examples. If you didn’t know, I’m autistic, or to be more specific I have Semantic Pragmatic Disorder (which is on the autism spectrum). This makes it hard for me to concentrate and to commit. Which often means I can go a long time without having the desire to draw even though it is something I really love doing. However I do feel like I have made a good start to the year. I have done 3 drawings to add to my portfolio already! That’s more pictures that I’ve done for my own enjoyment that I have in the past three years combined. But once again I’ve come up against the proverbial roadblock. A few days ago I woke up with my face swollen like a giant melon, it looked like I was a hamster storing food for the winter within my right cheek. Painful doesn’t even begin to describe it (in fact, it hurts more than when I gave birth to my son). I have a tooth infection, that’s the cause of the swelling and the pain, oh dear god, the pain! So I’m on antibiotics and I no doubt have a great deal of dentist appointments to make and keep. This has curtailed my plans of getting another piece done before the end of January, which was my aim, to have four pieces done. But alas, it’s not to happen. Hopefully my face clears up for my birthday and then I can get back to drawing. Onwards and upwards!

Last years commissioned portraits shown with permission from:

Karen Shackleton

Jane Snowball

Freya Rose Bass

Judy Bass

Sarah-Jane  Hughes



June 6, 2013

Karen Shackleton’s Pet Yorkshire terrier


October 9 , 2013

Jane Snowball’s Pet Poodle


October 31 , 2013

Christmas Gift from Freya to Judy


November 12 , 2013

Wolf portrait for Sarah-jane Hughes



January 6 , 2014

kissing macaws (personal project)


January 14 , 2014

dandelion the rabbit (personal project)


January 22 , 2014

Oh who’s this walking across my easel at this hour?! Terrapin (personal project) 


3 thoughts on “The January blues – Onwards and upwards!

  1. Hey Lesley , you have a really lovely blog and I really enjoyed reading your post. I can understand to some extent how you might feel about wanting to have a flowing portfolio full of beautiful work to show to people ( yep i was the same and beat myself up about it because I love illustration and didn’t get many commissions).

    I think the best thing to do is to not pressure yourself to much to “do” or to “earn” though its important I know but just do it through enjoyment. I read you said about your autism and I can understand in some respects as my little sister ( not so little shes 20 lol) has aspergers only recently diagnosed and she has very short attention span for stuff even though she loves it ( animals is her forte).

    Look forward to seeing more of your lovely drawings on your blog 🙂 and thank you for following mine X kate

  2. I completely agree with the earlier comment! Continue to create your wonderful, expressive art because you want to and it means something to you. I’ve learnt that if you do something with the intent of receiving something other than personal achievement …it ruins the meaning of why you created something in the first place!

    I really do enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing more of it – thank you for the follow & I hope you enjoy mine! 🙂

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