Jan-Apr, what have I been up to?

In October 2015 I started a YouTube channel. At first I started doing silent speed drawings until I got more confident. I then did a few subscription unboxing videos. I recently started talking on my videos. I love to draw animals, botanical illustrations like flowers and occasionally some fan art (I recently did a drawing of Sadness from Inside Out as she is one of my favourite characters).

My YouTube channel is partnered with the network called the Frederator Network and I also joined a monthly collaboration project who operate through YouTube and Facebook. Each month they set a challenge/theme/hashtag and it is up to each individual person within that group who wants to do the challenge to produce a piece of artwork which then gets added to the playlist in the group.

On January 1st I started a new challenge which would encompass the whole year, I decided to do 366 drawings, one for each day of the year considering that 2016 is a leap year. So far it’s been going well and I am yet to miss a day having done 105 drawings to date. I did a sketchbook tour for January, being creative everyday encourages us to keep going in so many different ways and makes us feel like we are accomplishing something even if its just art. I hope by doing a challenge like this encourages other people to follow me and try it for themselves, even if you only draw or doodle for ten to fifteen minutes just to keep those creative juices flowing.


As I mentioned above, I recently completed a video going through all the artwork I had completed in January. I have embedded the video below so you can a have a quick look if you want to. I hope to get a video for February done before this week is through. I will then hopefully be able to get one completed for March and then keep up to date as I complete each month.


Thank you for reading, Take Care,

From Lesley-anne Clarke

Where have i been? about me (updated)

A bit about me.

This is just a little intro, sort of a little bio about me and what I hope to do with this blog over the coming weeks/months/years.

I am an Artist who draws and paints portraits including wildlife and pets. I have also recently taken up drawing people and other subjects. I love to draw portraits because I love to capture the soul of my subject that I am drawing or painting this is evident especially in the eyes.

When I was younger I attended college in Harrogate where I studied Art and design. Afterwards I completed a National Diploma in Fashion in clothing At the end of the course I designed and made clothes and modeled them on a catwalk fashion show at the college.

I am pleased with the amount of drawing that I have been able to do recently. I’m quite proud of my recent work and decided there would be no better time than now to get back into blogging and share my work here. I have completed some pet portraits and wildlife drawings and have also done some portraits of people for family and friends as I’m not confident enough just yet to offer these for sale until I’ve practiced it a little more.

I recently completed a challenge doing a drawing day for 30 days in graphite pencil last April 2015. I was amazed with myself that I managed to complete them all.


When it comes to drawing I am mainly self taught and I’ve spent a lot of years practicing to get to the stage that I am at now. I suffer with various mental health disabilities, including autism and also suffer regularly from seizures. I try not to let these stop me from trying to pursue a career doing what I love. Drawing is very therapeutic for me.

In January i Started a new personal challenge and a YouTube channel i will make a blog post about it soon

If you have read this, thank you for taking the time-out to get know me a little bit. Hopefully you will come back and look at my further blog posts where I will posting some of my work!

Lesley Clarke x

14/April 2016

Giveaway Winner!

I had a giveaway and the winner won a A5 graphite pet portrait of her pet Cooper’ the cavalier King Charles spaniel unfortunately he is now in heaven and sadly missed by his owner Jan Finley I hope I have created a lasting memory for you in this artwork xx ♥


[Reference photos]


[w.i.p photos]



♥ Cooper’ the cavalier King Charles spaniel unfortunately he is now in heaven and sadly missed by his owner Jan Finley I hope I have created a lasting memory for you in this artwork xx ♥

Win a free pet portrait

I am running a competition this month on my Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/Artieannie

Win a FREE portrait!!

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The January blues – Onwards and upwards!

I personally feel like I didn’t get a lot of work done last year. I had five commissions from various people whom were all very pleased with my work. The only problem I feel I have is that I don’t have a great deal of work to show people as examples. If you didn’t know, I’m autistic, or to be more specific I have Semantic Pragmatic Disorder (which is on the autism spectrum). This makes it hard for me to concentrate and to commit. Which often means I can go a long time without having the desire to draw even though it is something I really love doing. However I do feel like I have made a good start to the year. I have done 3 drawings to add to my portfolio already! That’s more pictures that I’ve done for my own enjoyment that I have in the past three years combined. But once again I’ve come up against the proverbial roadblock. A few days ago I woke up with my face swollen like a giant melon, it looked like I was a hamster storing food for the winter within my right cheek. Painful doesn’t even begin to describe it (in fact, it hurts more than when I gave birth to my son). I have a tooth infection, that’s the cause of the swelling and the pain, oh dear god, the pain! So I’m on antibiotics and I no doubt have a great deal of dentist appointments to make and keep. This has curtailed my plans of getting another piece done before the end of January, which was my aim, to have four pieces done. But alas, it’s not to happen. Hopefully my face clears up for my birthday and then I can get back to drawing. Onwards and upwards!

Last years commissioned portraits shown with permission from:

Karen Shackleton

Jane Snowball

Freya Rose Bass

Judy Bass

Sarah-Jane  Hughes



June 6, 2013

Karen Shackleton’s Pet Yorkshire terrier


October 9 , 2013

Jane Snowball’s Pet Poodle


October 31 , 2013

Christmas Gift from Freya to Judy


November 12 , 2013

Wolf portrait for Sarah-jane Hughes



January 6 , 2014

kissing macaws (personal project)


January 14 , 2014

dandelion the rabbit (personal project)


January 22 , 2014

Oh who’s this walking across my easel at this hour?! Terrapin (personal project)